Who are we?

We are a group of educational professionals who work in schools, with schools and governing bodies. We are passionately committed to see more diverse leaders in our schools and making a difference to the life chances of children and young people.

We believe that there is a moral, social and business case for improving diversity of leadership in schools.

We are committed to working together with schools and other system leaders to improve the professional development of individuals and thereby outcomes for children and young people.

Our mission is to inspire, support and empower professionals from black and minority ethnic* backgrounds to take up leadership roles in education.

Our aims are to:
• Support your specific needs as diverse educators to be true to yourself, recognising the contribution you can make
• See a shift in the current leadership landscape in schools
• Create a voice for diverse educators
• Identify and promote the successes of positive role models from diverse backgrounds
• Work in partnership with others to bring about change

Our objectives are to:

  • Support
  • Develop
  • Network and
  • Influence

Diverse Educators Network is a new network working uniquely for you.

A space where we can start conversations, participate in thought provoking discussions, develop life changing relationships; find new opportunities for growth and development; find ways of collaborating and evolving together; learn how to achieve excellence at home, at work and in our communities.

Helping you to embrace difference, nurturing leaders to lead differently and authentically to change what's normal.



Membership is open to all those who work in schools e.g. teachers, support staff,; for governors and other professionals who work with schools, from black and minority ethnic* backgrounds and educational professionals working in local authorities and other learning organisations. We welcome those who share our aims irrespective of their race, colour or nationality. Together we can make a difference towards changing the landscape of leadership in our schools to make it more diverse so that our children and young people benefit. Together we can make difference count.

* The term 'black' refers to those who face racism, including those identified on the National Census as Black or Black British, Asian or British Asian, Chinese, or other minority ethnic groups. Black is a political term to promote solidarity among people who face racism in society.



We will be hosting a DEN meeting every half term.

Sessions will focus on key topics identified by members to help raise awareness, understanding and confidence that will support you to with the challenges of being a diverse leader. Each session will have a guest speaker to ignite the topic of discussion. Below are some ideas that have already been suggested:

• Why networking is important? Harnessing the power of networking.
• Why I became a headteacher? My moral purpose and authentic self as a diverse leader.
• Why I became a … teacher …. Chair of Governors
• They didn’t teach me that on my teacher-training course! Life of newly qualified teacher.
• It can’t happen to me! How I survived …. discrimination/bullying/harassment
• Ofsted calling!
• Are free schools the answer for our community?
• Does it matter what a school is called? What it means to be an academy/free school/trust school
• How to be assertive without being perceived aggressive.
• Interview and Presentation skills
• Fierce conversations
• Inclusive coaching and mentoring for success

Join the DEN and network with other black and minority ethnic professionals working in schools, and learn to get ahead.



The networking meetings will be held in the Yorkshire and Humber region.



The DEN will meet on a Friday evening, starting with a hot topic to stimulate our thoughts and inspire us and then eat and network.